Innovation and style: a success formula for the Scott trademark

The new handle for ski poles designed by MM Design was presented in a world preview at the ISPO fair in Munich.

It was created to respond to a need greatly felt by many skiers who are reluctant to tie the pole to their wrists. In fact, the strap may hinder movements and is not always correctly fitted.
The “Strapless Grip” has thus become a valid answer to allow for an easy and fast grip on the pole, leaving the hands free, if necessary.
A careful study on ergonomics and many tests conducted by Scott’s project managers led the designers of MM Design to create an innovative shape that would allow utmost comfort and a safe grip.
The real innovation lies in the lateral wings that replace the little strap: the hand grip is ensured by two perforated elements that bind the back of the hand and in case of accidental falls, enable the strap to rapidly detach.
This detail is advantageous for those who practice off-track skiing. If taken by surprise by an avalanche, skiers manage to detach themselves rapidly from the pole, thus avoiding the risk of being buried under the snow.
Manufactured furthermore in dual component injected plastic, it is ideally stiff enough during use and at the same time is flexible and elastic in case of falls.
Ergonomics, formal studies, concepts of grip types, research on materials and technologies, and study of colors and finishing are the ingredients of this umpteenth product of innovation and style which MM Design has combined into one.