Goldeneye 300, the modular wood scanner system designed by MM Design wins the prestigious 2014 ADI Design Index award

Milan, 27 October 2014

By the area ex Ansaldo the presentation of the best italian design products 2014

The GoldenEye 300 series is designed as a quality compact and modular scanner system for grading wood components based on their aesthetic and structural qualities.
It comes with an industrial aluminium/steel body with telescope wing doors for full service and maintenance access. The cover of the body is comprised of heavy duty steel made with a special multi-coated paint.
All internal sensors, cameras, lasers etc. are protected against ambient conditions due to a fully enclosed installation in special system compartments. The complete operation of the machine is through a flat-screen interface terminal. The entire electronic controllers can be situated anywhere around the scanner, out of the direct machine handling area. It kicks off the next generation series of Multi-Sensor Quality Scanners. The completely new design of scanner features several newly developed technological highlights. The scanner introduces the new chrometic cameras with Full HD resolution, for faster image acquisition and on-chip image processing. The new sensors are powerful enough to allow conveying speeds of up to 100 m/min with multiple-angled cameras, including colour, laser scatter and 3D-scanning. The new x-ray technology introduces a sophisticated, single module with fully integrated x-ray source and cooling system requiring less power and maintenance. All sensors are protected in a dust-free environment enabling continuous long-lasting scanning performance. The new scanner recognises wood defects in a reliable and objective way in order to automate, streamline and optimise manufacturing processes. The value optimisation software considers customer specific grading, chopping and sorting rules.