Bus. Man

A new bus concept is extremely flexible in the internal layout, thanks to an innovative plug-in play system. A very wide windows allow the use of augmented reality, to give the traveler information on what it sees.


EC 135. Eurocopter

The choice of materials, colors and finishes allows to create a variety of configurations, to give an emotional aspect to the interior of the helicopter for VIP classes and Corporate.


Everest Power. Prinoth

Complexity is managed in single subjects; a careful study of ergonomics, safety and comfort for interiors; the selection of the most suitable materials and detailed intervention for exterior.


Mont Blanc. Agudio

Extremely clean lines emphasized by all-glass type wire, accentuated by the rich set of edge arranged in an ergonomic position along the inside perimeter of the cab.
The journey becomes a multi-sensory experience.


Supra. Schmidt

The innovative cab design allows the operator an ergonomic viewing, thanks to a particular curvature of the front glass. Inside the ergonomic design allows to have all the controls at fingertips. Choice of materials and technical solutions based on the number of parts to be produced annually.


Class Boeing. Bucher

Innovative solutions to improve the travel in VIP class, thanks proposals for rest and for work. Choice of forms and solutions with strong emotional character.