New clamps for the laparoscopy developed in carbon fiber, highly resistant and light. They have been designed to solve the ergonomic problems during long surgeries.


AC 67. Bucher

Innovative system for the recovery of wounded to be transported by helicopter. Choice of materials for maximum lightness possible combined with a mechanical structure.


ACL7000. Instrument Laboratory

On laboratory equipment like precision instruments, the Human Machine Interface is the base wherein it enables the operator to establish a correct dialog with the machine and thus reduces errors to a minimum.


DMP. Can

Shape, materials, finishes, light and colour design make part of a long and articulated research made to create an atmosphere and furnishing elements that are suitable to accommodate children in the hospital.


LIAC. Sordina

An innovative equipment for for the treatment of tumors in the operating room.
A new technology (IntraOperative Radiation Therapy) whose design makes it simple and intuitive functions.
Choice of materials and careful study of the human machine interface.


Nursyrolli. GPI

The demand of many hospital administrations is to reduce the risk of erroneous medicine administration or dosage, which is still one of the serious risks patients run in hospitals, while still keeping medicine stocks under control. The idea is to imagine a compact body with functional elements like the monitor in the most visible position, separate waste bins on the side and the front drawers, convenient for work.


Optojump. Microgate

It monitors the physical conditions of athletes, made of ABS and extruded aluminium, fitted with a front viewer, which enables light to pass through the photocells hence recording movement.


Serie 400. Provex

Made for the wellbeing of the body of persons with movement difficulties; made with aluminium and ABS. The sizes are made according to regulations and its functional shape can also be used as a decorative object.


ST3. Sordina

Research on materials and technical solutions to optimize costs and ease of assembly.


Z-GRAPH. Zirkonzahn

A newly developed solid aluminium base dental fixture devised for teeth reconstruction, where to mount a sawbench comprising a scanning lever and moulding cutter. The arms are balanced.