The new Corporate Design for Microtec

At the latest Ligna fair in Hanover, Microtec Microtec presents itself in an original and unique way. A Corporate Design reflects the company's Corporate Identity and can be successfully implemented when it is unique, inspires trust and at the same time remains fresh and modern over the years. Microtec, leader company in wood analysis, develops optical analysis equipment with various sophisticated technologies. Our Studio starting from a design language, created for Microtec a unique and unmistakable sign. The choice of materials, color matching, and product graphics become important elements to complete the Microtec Corporate Design. Each product was designed and described in an application manual that allows Microtec people to have clear all the elements to produce. All the criteria and principles of organization are set out in the corporate design manual, the "Bible" for collaborators and clients.


Revolution Inside and Outside

A concept that saw the interaction of the creative talents of MM Design with the technicians of the company, and resulted in a highly innovative product, both from the inside as on the outside. The project drew its inspiration from the new internal construction of the turbine engine and the housing of its components to allow the designers to find a distinguishing and original mark that could communicate the technological innovation it contains within. A mark which is able to show the drive and power of a new propeller, allowing to increase in a remarkable way, the amount of snow produced with respect to the same products of competitors. Some of the elements characterising this design concept are in particular, the optic units inserted in the front crown, the emergency lights integrated in the lateral housing and underlined by the smooth flow of the shape and suction grille of the MeteoStation, that enable to optimally adjust the snowmaking parameters. An absolute novelty for the sector is also found in the innovation for maintenance which is not always done in the best conditions along the ski tracks and consists in opening the turbine’s protective gull-wing hoods. This structure allows for extremely easy access and leaves all the other intervention zones free. The colours chosen and applied are the expression of the Corporate Design created by MM Design for TechnoAlpin.


For three years in a row, MM Design has won the IF Award for design

Great satisfaction for a prestigious certification acknowledging the productive quality of the Creative Spirits. This year, MM Design was the IF Award Winner for its Nevis espresso coffee machine, designed and developed for the German company, Macchiavalley. It is an unusual design for a professional machine, with special attention to the layout of the volumes that focus the spotlight on the machine’s frontal touch display which is very user-friendly thanks to simple, eye-catching and immediate graphics. Each detail was designed to give the machine the image of a product that has a strong personality, besides being reliable and elegant – elements that contribute to the company’s brand awareness. Last but not least, are the choice of the three color variations (black, chocolate and aluminum) and the special surface soft-touch finishing. The design moreover, took care to facilitate interaction with the machine as for example in succeeding to fill the jugs in the upper part of the machine, extract the water top-up bowl or remove the drip bowl with the coffee dregs still inside.


Masterlite is one of the best products of Italian design

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is organizing, on the occasion of the Italian Design Day, an exhibition on the “Made in Italy” label. In a restricted selection of products awarded with the “Compasso D’Oro”(Golden Compass), Masterlite has been chosen as an example of good Italian design.


From the professional to the domestic use

The world of food is changing remarkably, and today, the professional world offers technologies that allow also in home usage, a new procedure in preparing dishes and maintaining their freshness for long periods. The new range for the home is composed of Freddy, the blasty chiller, Zero, the vacuum machine, and the Wave water dispenser. The great design novelties are found in the possibility to personalise the face of the equipment due to a new gluing technique, and allow customers to choose the colours, materials and finishing. For some time now, MM Design has been deeply involved in creating a balanced mix between industrial and artisanal production, so as to better express the value of the product. That’s why, together with the more classical materials like black glass and stainless steel, it has proposed a range of metallic finishings obtained through artisanal processing and entirely achieved by hand. It is a procedure that thus exalts the expressive potential of the materials which, due to manual craftsmanship, make each product of the Irinox Home collection a unique piece.


A dream became reality

The opening is Friday September at 18:00 by the Museo Civico in Chiusa / Klausen. The exhibition will be open 17.09 - 29.10 2016.


After IF also the Red dot Award

Working with care, passion and attention to details is a sure path to success. This particular approach with which MM Design interprets each new project is what its clients, the market and critiques appreciate most in the company. The international jury of the Red dot Award, one of the most prestigious global design awards from a selection of 5200 product participants, decreed the success for 1300 among which, the Center Ball designed by MM Design for Gitzo, world leader in professional photography.


„Pillole di Design – Strategic Design“

Our initiative is progressing and we would like to keep you informed on the activities of our study. We take pleasure in presenting the second “Pillole di Design” - a theme which often lies at the base of the options in studying and developing new projects. In the following video clip we would like to show you how the role of MM Design is also that of analyzing and recording the various types of markets, demands and desire of consumers, role played by various competitors, possibilities offered by technology and study of materials. Due to the traditional analysis tools and those created by our studio throughout the years of proven experience, well tested by many of our clients, we are able to offer a service which will make us look to the future from a new perspective. The objective is to create, with the company, a common platform on which to base the new, original products in the future, in line with the company’s corporate vision in a continually evolving world.


The new YP1 at the XXI Triennale in Milan

“Design after design”: the Triennale International Exhibition returns after twenty years in Milan. The event, scheduled to be held from April until 12 September 2016, takes place across the city, with the involvement of important museums and institutions and more than 40 international participants. The 21st Triennale exhibition is focused on design and architecture and is lasting 5 months. It will see both the participation of international professionals and young talents who are presenting design and architecture projects of all types. Among the various design products on display, at the Triennale Design Café and by the Caffetteria, is working YP1, the new coffee machine designed by MM Design for Illy and produced by Cimbali. A inusual architecture of a coffee machine that highlights the frontal groups, and whose keypad resembles a piano, designed for Artisti del Gusto, a special brand of illycaffè. Steel and colored sheet will form part of the machine customization project.


Eurocucina’s new Home line

The right balance between industrial products and artisanal processing The world of food is changing remarkably, and today, the professional world offers technologies that allow also in home usage, a new procedure in preparing dishes and maintaining their freshness for long periods. The new range for the home is composed of Freddy, the blast chiller, Zero, the vacuum machine, and the Wave water dispenser. The models are both fitted and free installations, and in this case, a gourmet Column was created and designed in a modular way, to independently host the three machines or a Wine dispenser.


“Pillole di Design – Design Thinking”

With the first part of our “Pillole di Design" that we are pleased to send you, we want to present an issue that is becoming increasingly important: Design Thinking. In the following short video we want to show, how the role of MM Design consists of create brainstorming sessions with the enterpreuner and the company's management. Thanks to the tools created by us, through years of experience and well-proven with our client, we are able to offer a service that allows your company to share the creation of a platform, on which its possible to start in the future with new original and innovative products and in tune with the corporate philosophy of the company.


Another iF award to MM Design!

The iF’s international jury recently announced the success of a restricted circle of products selected from more than 5.000 candidates from 53 countries. The winner was the new work tool AP 60 used in the professional world for the compression and cutting of wires and cable heads. The project was conceived in collaboration with the technicians of Intercable, the company specializing in the sector of professional equipment, and took into great consideration the ergonomic aspects applied to the work, choice of material and most suitable finishing to achieve the operator’s correct hand grip. From the start, the response of the users was more than positive, given that the architecture of the product had been studied to obtain a particular and useful slant for the correct barycenter when the tool is used also in uncomfortable positions. The design underlines the “S” shape connecting the upper part which houses the engines with the grip handle zone where the electronic components are protected.


Masterpieces. Gitzo new Center Ball Heads by MM Design

MM Design has thus created an extremely compact form where volumes are reduced to the essential, and with a collar – the product’s distinctive mark – that enables the ball device, achieved with a particular tungsten finish, to perform all the movements possible, and allow the camera to be fixed in all the desired positions. The choice of the materials and finishing for the head conforms with Gitzo’s tradition for the components, while new colour schemes have been added, giving the head a strikingly modern look. The adjustable knobs, like the precision lock mechanisms of the tripod rods in carbon fibre, are made in silicone rubber, pleasant to the touch and highly resistant. Every detail was designed with extreme care so as to make the Gitzo head a top class professional product – a symbol of innovation in the world of photography.


Scissors vying for Selection

Pruning scissors listed among the ADI Design 2015 Selection award. Designed for agricultural use, the new Stocker pruning scissors were created with a suitable handle, conceived through a careful study of ergonomics, and optimized with the appropriate materials and finishing. The particularly sinewy shape of the handle, in fact, has a perfect contour for the grip of the hand, giving priority to the position of the thumb lying against the tool and which stabilises the balance of the grip to allow users to cut branches even for hours without overly tiring the hand. There is the possibility to use a soft material (black in colour) for the parts in direct contact with the hand, and a stiff material (orange in colour) for the tool structure. Also the head of the cutting blade was designed to confer the handle with the best balance possible, and enable an optimal, precise cut. Every year, the ADI Index Selection represents the best of Italian design. The products that are part of the Selection are qualified to compete in the final selection of the Golden Compass, the most prestigious Italian award for design.


Goldeneye: Major design award for Microtec’s Multi-Sensor lumber scanner

Goldeneye Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner from Microtec is one of the winners of the iF design award 2015. Microtec, technological leader for wood scanning technology and the design studio MM Design, Italy, are proud to receive one of the most prestigious design awards, the iF design award. The prize is granted for the design of the Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner for lumber ‘Goldeneye’ in the discipline Product: Industry / Skilled trades. This lumber scanner has been developed for application in high-speed sawmills and is awarded for its innovative and ergonomic design.


The German Design Award goes to the Supra 5002 Snow Cutter Blower designed by MM Design

This year the prize was awarded to Supra, a Snow Cutter Blower which is the latest epitome of the historic Supra family, and is specifically designed to clear a great amount of snow at medium-high mountain altitudes or at the airports. The prestigious recognition was given to the design achieved by the MM Design studio which conceived every single detail of the cabin, so as to offer the utmost operational comfort also in terms of safety at the wheel. Innumerable novelties were introduced, like the central control panel that provides vital information for the operator who can take command and keep check of the situation with just one glance. It is a precise synergy of functionality and driver ergonomics, validated also by the experts of the Applied Ergonomics Department of Munich University.

Besides the interior design of the driver’s cabin, also the chassis was designed to give the vehicle a flashy and modern look in line with a new design language for the new range of Aebi Schmidt products.


Compasso d’Oro 2014 Masterlite. Garmont

Masterlite, the alpine ski boots designed by MM Design wins the prestigious 2014 Compasso d'Oro design award. The most important Italian design award and most valued at international levels was conferred to MM Design for the Masterlite product.


Workshop IED. Sao Paulo Brazil

A very actual theme, matched with the development of cities and dedicated to the ability to design new social relationships in the city. This task entails design and architecture which was the theme of the workshop MM Studio conducted at the European Design Institute in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The students were asked to reflect on the best organization of public spaces and on how to orient the design to capture the attention of others.


UP-CYCLE. Gore-Tex Milano

Creativity put to the service of decoding the use of a product for re-encode it to a new one. From the collaboration of MM Design with Gore-Tex come to life new products designed by reuse and recycling of anoraks.

The collaboration with one of the leading companies in the production of innovative materials for clothing, door to new ways of design. Creativity put to the service of decoding the use of a product for re-encode it to a new one. A challenge that was to bring together the concept and implementation in a simple and affordable for everyone. The study MM Design was named to harness their creativity, starting from the concept of reuse and recycling of anoraks to create new products. A completely new experience for creative studio, with great passion are able to imagine new scenarios of use.


IXL Center and MM Design join forces to deliver global consultancy service

Bolzano, Boston, September 2013

IXL Center and MM Design have joined forces to deliver a global innovation and design consultancy. IXL Center as the world’s leading business innovation consultancy and MM Design as one of the leading European industrial design consultancies, will now be able to offer a wider range of integrated innovation services, resulting in improved empathy helping to understand customer desires, fantasy for finding unique solutions, strategy and discipline to quicken and de-risk time to market.
IXL Center and MM Design both have a rich tradition, thought leadership and proven methodologies in innovation.

IXL Center was the innovation practice leader of Arthur D. Little and the Monitor Group. IXL Center has published five books on the topic of innovation and given speeches globally on the topic. IXL Center has world-class methodologies that are taught in universities and translated into software. These tools have been applied to over 200 worldwide companies through its global footprint.

MM Design brings a rich tradition in industrial design consulting, materials science and technology. Deep sensibility for consumer’s desires, strong aesthetic sense paired with the ability to find feasible and economically viable solutions, are the basis for creating differentiating breakthrough products and services, build lasting emotional connections between customers and brands, and drive new revenues. In more than 20 years experience, MM Design served companies in all industries, and was awarded with several red dot, iF and “Good Design” prizes.
MM Design always shapes new trends and design visions, amongst others through its leading role in several international organizations active in the development of industrial design as a cultural and economic phenomenon.

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Innovation Workshop with Bayern Design

On June 10th 2013 MM Design chaired a workshop focusing on Design Thinking processes. The workshop was divided in two parts, a first theoretic introduction on Design Thinking methods and a second practical part, where the participants were organized in groups with the goal to work out some product ideas, by following the methodical guidelines. The workshop was powered by Bayern Design together with IHK Würzburg-Schweinfurt and took place at IHK Würzburg facility.


Future Vision Workshop 2013

During 2013 the Milan based Social Trend Research Institute “Future Concept Lab” presents four workshops focused around an analysis of the “Nuclei of the Future” that are changing the world and the global markets. The first workshop took place on April 11th in Milan at the Teatro Elfo Puccini. The workshop focused on how Aesthetics influences trends, markets and transformation processes. For that occasion MM Design was invited to present the project “Design Meets Paediatrics” and showed how design thinking processes contribute to develop projects that take care of particular social needs and related user groups. Design intended as a journey between exclusivity and inclusivity.


MM Design at MCBW moments 2013

During the second Munich Creative Business Week which will take place from February 16 through 24, MM Design presents its successful history and some of its latest product creations on the special exhibition MCBW moments - thinking spaces for design. The exhibition will take place from February 21 through 24 in the Old Congress Hall. Among other creations MM Design will present the outdoor heating table "Tabula" designed for italian company Polidoro. MM Design is one of 29 international enterprises of the creative business which will issue their products and concepts on more than 1000 m². Beside MM Design the following companies will present themselves: Korea Institute of Design Promotion, International Design Centre Berlin, Pro-Innovatio, Hansgrohe, designboom, Faber-Castell, Bene Germany and many more. The shown projects outline the increasing importance of design in a ever more complex environment. The special exhibiton is directed not only to professional audience but also to all enthusiasts who would like to find out more about issues like design processes, design thinking, innovative ideas and their implementaion. The exhibition will be enhanced by topic-related sessions called "MCBW lectures" with the participation of renowned speakers.


National Innovation Award 2012

In occasion of the National Innovation Day on 12th June 2012, MM Design was honored in the Roman Senate by Senate President Renato Schifani as well as Minister of Research Francesco Profumo with the National Innovation Price “Premio dei Premi” for excellent design work for the Garmont Skiboot “Masterlite”.


Presentation LIAC Sordina

During the 7th International Conference of the International Society of Intraoperative Radiation Therapy, which took place in Baveno on Lago Maggiore from 22nd to 24th June 2012, the new LIAC S12 mobile electron accelerator for intraoperative radiotherapy developed by Italian company Sordina was presented to the conference attendees. This therapy, applicable to a wide variety of tumors, allows to reduce the sessions of postoperative external radiotherapy and the associated complications. The mobile accelerator can easily be moved close to the operating table to allow the full-dose irradiation during surgery. The entire design project was conducted and coordinated by MM Design in strong partnership with external prototype manufacturer and Sordina engineers.


MM Design takes off

The Illy FrancisFrancis Y1 Espresso Coffee Machine designed by MM Design is now available on the Lufthansa Worldshop Catalogue. A strong and different design for ambitious travelers and people who are constantly looking for distinctive products.


MM Design is celebrating its 20 years of activity at the Triennale in Milan

20 years of explorations to achieve innovative products on the market. This in short is the path MM Design‘s creative team has undertaken over the years. They have applied their idea of design in a vast range of fields, from consumption goods to sports items or small home appliances up to investment assets like means of transport and employment. The new publication entitled „Explore to innovate“ describes their specific research path.
On this occasion we hosted as our special guests, Prof. Ugo Morelli, the mountaineer, Denis Urubko from Kazahistan and Dott. Oscar G. Colli as the emcee.
"20 years of design experience“ was likewise presented at the facilities of Literaturhaus at Munich, Bavaria, last 11October with the prestigious speeches of philosopher Prof. Julius Lengert an expert of the design world, and that of Dr. Ulf Merbold, the first European astronaut to have participated in American and Russian space programs, and Gerd E. Wilsdorf, for many years Head of Siemens BSH Design.