Center ball head. Gitzo

MM Design has thus created an extremely compact form where volumes are reduced to the essential, and with a collar – the product’s distinctive mark – that enables the ball device, achieved with a particular tungsten finish, to perform all the movements possible, and allow the camera to be fixed in all the desired positions.


Srapless. Scott

A careful study on ergonomics and many tests conducted by Scott’s project managers led the designers of MM Design to create an innovative shape that would allow utmost comfort and a safe grip.
The real innovation lies in the lateral wings that replace the little strap: the hand grip is ensured by two perforated elements that bind the back of the hand and in case of accidental falls, enable the strap to rapidly detach.


Nebula. Geox

The innovative shape of the sole is a fundamental design process in the development of the collection. Nebula is the evolution of the traditional concept of breathability.


Masterlite. Garmont

Innovation means, first of all, believing that there is alway another goal to reach. This is the spirit for facing new challenges, above all in the creation and development of a new concept such as Masterlite, where lightness and performance are combined.


Attak. Salewa

Unlike the classic mountain climbing snap-link, the one for routes with fixed ropes should have a safety catch on the aperture which prevents the snap ring from opening when tackling particularly difficult passages.
Consisting of a hooking system with safety catch the locking system enables rapid and easy opening even on difficult passages, yet at the same time prevents inadvertent opening.


Reactor. Burton

Starting from certain designing necessities and thanks to the technical support given by Burton advisors in competition, the research took into account a series of elements, from the technical- functional features to material and mechanism performances, to arrive at a product image wich should live up to the expectations of very young public for whom the product is basically made.


Witty. Microgate

Witty was born as a new device for all the needs of modern timekeeping related training.
The system consists of portable station and photocells for intermediate and final times.
The design emphasizes the compactness of the object and care especially the ergonomics for the use with the thumbs.


Virus. Dalbello

Thanks to an innovative design concept Virus becomes a ski boot to use in the free ski as on the ski slopes.
The new concept cuff allows to walk for short distances.
Colors and graphics in accordance with the very young target group of reference.


Easy Go. Silvretta

A carbon fibre joints the tip and the heel of the shoe to reduce the weight and to increase the mechanical stability; the selection of a genuine material like delrin increases the performance under extreme conditions.


Impact. Salewa

Light weight and top perforSalewamance is the slogan of many products designed for extreme sports. A new front design and materials like titanium make this product one of a kind.