O carrinho realizado para a Lanco, introduz a tecnologia da rotomoldagem que permitiu desenvolver um novo conceito de carrinho sem a necessidade de um chassi tornando sua realização mais simples e diminuindo os custos de produção. Também o design desenvolvido para as alças é inovador consentindo uma melhor manobrabilidade do carrinho ao desloca-lo de um ambiente a outro.


AP60. Intercable

This was the main idea behind Intercable’s creation of the new, portable, battery-operated hydraulic cable cutter used by specialised personnel to cut cables made of aluminium, copper, steel and rope. The design of the product focused mainly on the two-component handle in order to achieve optimal balance with the heavy weight of the rotating cutting head, which is also provided with a snap closure. Its outstanding feature is the particularly curvy shape of the handle, the upper part of which integrates the motor.


F1. Intercable

Specially designed handgrip devised to ensure maximum ergonomic fit, includes double-grafting inserts to improve the gripping force and provide maximum comfort while working.


G6300. Sulzer Texile

The design derives from the circular motion of the rapier that thrust the thread and makes the weave. It is a process of care and attentiveness to ergonomics, protection of the mechanical parts in movement and attention given to the human-machine dialog.


Giravolta. Volta Macchine

The formal aspect is enhanced with the choice of materials and details in the areas into which the user’s hands come in contact, which are comfortable and give the user the idea of holding a product which goes beyond its in-tended use, thus starting a friendly relationship with the product.


Goldeneye. Microtec

Consists of two conveying parts, a front part and rear part; the actual intelligent part of the machine is the central part containing X-rays and infrared cameras used to read wooden beams.


MiniMax. Ceccato

The careful choice of sustainable materials emphasises our awareness of environmental topics: the same awareness and attention that is reserved for anyone who decides to stop and enjoy a warm welcome.


NH. Müller

The architecture of the machine is conceptually born from a framework on which all the components of the machine are mounted, thus facilitating assembly and maintenance.
The design emphasises the upper part of the machine, which represents the head, since it protects the intelligent area of management and control, while the two shoulders protect the operator from accidental contact with the mechanical parts.


T60. Technoalpin

Bodywork made of PA6 derived from rotomoulding to provide stability and optimal resistance against UV rays and ozone. The double chamber helps dampen turbine noise.