Nevis. Macchiavalley

In the world of professional coffee vending machines, what particularly counts is to be able to render quality services to operators.
This was the concept behind the creation of Nevis, which gives a full view of its own display and an innovative interface that explains the machine’s functions in a simple and effective way to professional operators and consumers, since the machine can be used by both.


YP1. Illy

A inusual architecture of a coffee machine that highlights the frontal groups, and whose keypad resembles a piano, designed for Artisti del Gusto, a special brand of illycaffè.


Home Line. Irinox

The world of food is changing remarkably, and today, the professional world offers technologies that allow also in home usage, a new procedure in preparing dishes and maintaining their freshness for long periods.
The new range for the home is composed of Freddy, the temperature abator, Zero, the vacuum machine, and the Wave water dispenser. The models are both fitted and free installations, and in this case, a gourmet Column was created and designed in a modular way, to independently host the three machines or a Wine dispenser.


Y1. Illy

The new architecture offers unexplored avenues to define a new shape and a design that stands out from other coffee machines, underlining the fact that it is linked to a closed system generated by the capsule Metodo Iperespresso.


Bombino. Smeg

Born to an audience that likes to surround himself with meaningful objects, Bombino is an emotional refrigerator, a redesign of the 50s.
The formal research has enhanced the aspects of greatest attraction, such as the handle and the rounded form.


G403. Gioel

The great novelty and peculiarity of the cleaning system is that the two machines can be divided: the first is a vacuum cleaner with water filter while the second is a boiler for producing steam.
Are divided by a sophisticated mechanism fitted in the carrying handle; it is simple to operate and also acts as a winder for the power lead.


Qibli. Arclinea

Combine the pleasure of being together in the open air, a pleasant comfort especially useful in spring and autumn, thanks to the heating system at the base of the table and comprising a gas burner with low emissions of CO2. The table is made by moulded concrete and the base in Corten.


Tabula. Polidoro

Tabula is an attractive new heating system for outdoor bars and restaurants. The heat comes from slots underneath the plate. Gas consumption and atmospheric emissions are optimized and reduced by 50% with respect to the traditional patio heaters.


Teddy. Provex

The headrest Teddy was designed to extend a pleasing moment to the maximum. As a hand that accommodates the head in a protective manner and very delicately way, the headrest Teddy can also be distinctive, pleasant and attractive on the edge of the bathtub with its very welcoming and cosy colour.


Classe8. Racilio

Stainless steel is used to enhance the characteristics of this professional machine that is designed for coffee bars and for the catering sector. Its new back design can alter its look to furnish and decorate the room according to ones taste.